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Nearly 20 years ago I went for my first job interview as a chef. I was asked why I wanted the job. My reply was that I did not see this as a job, but as a career!!! It was in my blood. My mother is an incredible cook and mentor who inspired me to follow this passion. Even as a single parent struggling to provide for three boys she found a way to support our dreams, instill love, commitment and discipline into our lives. It is those traits that I have found invaluable in my career and have shaped who I am today. Growing up in New Zealand you can easily take things for granted. It was that familiarity and feeling that would ultimately lead me on an incredible culinary and cultural journey far from the shores of Aotearoa! Challenging myself professionally and personally has enabled me to reconnect to my family roots and open the door to food as a global source of inspiration. It is this inspiration and passion for food and culture that has allowed me to travel throughout the world, honing my skills and forging lifelong relationships. It has built character, respect and honesty which I incorporate into my food. Through my extensive career I have had the opportunity to work with celebrated New Zealand Chef Peter Gordon, MTV Europe (Munich) Henry Harris/ Simon Fawcett at Fifth Floor, Harvey Nichols London and Oxo Tower (River Thames) Greg Malouf and Peter Thornley at Soul Bar, The Evans Brothers and Simon Fawcett at Hugos Bondi Beach, Laurence Jossel at Nopa (San Francisco) and as Executive Private Chef for multiple high profile clients and celebrities.What this boils down to (excuse the pun) is how grateful and blessed I feel to have been able to live a dream, grow as a person and experience life through food and cultural relationships. Cooking for me is the essence of family and friends sharing in these moments and creating lifelong memories.